Saturday, 31 October 2015

International Geocaching Day

On a chilly but beautiful Saturday afternoon at Ansan Lake Park, our CA took part in our International Geocaching Day. At 1pm, our students began the hunt for 8 caches hidden throughout the park.

Each cache contained a small gift from NZ and a partial picture of an international cultural monument. After the each cache was discovered, the teams had to figure out which monument was depicted in order to recieve the GPS coordinates for the next cache.

While our CA team were seaching for the stashes, we were also receiving updates on our Google + community from our Kiwi students. They too were taking part in a series of tasks, such as learning how to say "hello" in Korean or drawing the Korean flag.

After all eight caches were found, each member of our CA team was rewarded with a gift bag containing cultural items and snacks from New Zealand, sent by the students and teachers that have been participating in our programme. The Kiwi students were also sucessful and were able to open their culture caches too. With Koreans and New Zealanders interacting and our honorary Russian AIYP CA Olga helping out, it really was a multicultural day!

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